Tentative Meet Schedule

Stay tuned for a final schedule – but in the meantime….
THURSDAY – Practice and early check-in from 4:00-6:00 PM
FRIDAY – doors at 5:00 am, racing at 6:00 am – we will run through LONG and MIDDLE distance races on Friday for Elite, Novice, Novice B, and Quads. We MUST finish by 11:50am and clear the building by 12:00 noon.
SATURDAY – doors at 5:00 am, racing at 6:00 am – we will finish division races (Elite, Novice, Novice B, and Quads), run Open races, and do all of the awards. Again, we MUST clear the building by noon.
SATURDAY AFTERNOON – outdoor racing
EASTER SUNDAY – doors open at 5:00 am, racing at 6:00 am – ALL RELAYS (inline only) will be held on Sunday morning!

Skate Meet 101 – Everything you need to know but were afraid to ask!

Skate meets can be complicated! If this is your first meet, you might already be feeling confused! This LONG post has a LOT of details for you – read it and be sure to send any questions my way (wendy@texasspeedclub.com)!

1. Registering

Sonny had to turn in our meet entry this week – if you are skating the meet, you MUST be sure and pay Sonny for the meet ASAP. The prices are as follows – checks made out to Texas Speed Club:

$30 Registration and first event

$10 each additional event (relays, Open races, additional divisions)

$60 maximum per skater

2. Volunteering

The Texas Stampede is our HOME meet – we host it! It’s A LOT OF WORK! We need ALL hands on deck to help. We need help setting up, we need help in the snack bar, we need EVERY person to help with cleaning up. We need EXTRA help this year because we are all going to make sure Sonny takes it easy!!! Contact me immediately if you have not yet signed up to help volunteer. WE NEED YOU!

3. Hours

Skate meets are EARLY events! The doors open at 5 am and the racing starts at 6 am. You MUST be at the rink, checked in (this can take up to 10-15 minutes) and have your skates on if you want a warm up. Early to bed, early to rise! If you show up late, you have wasted your money and a lot of time…so plan to arrive early! Racing can run as far as an hour early, so don’t go ONLY by the schedule!

4. Divisions

There are 3 divisions that your skaters might race in:

  1. Novice B – this is for brand new skaters with less than 2 seasons under their belts. These skaters race with “9 and under”, “10-13 years” and “!4 and up”.

Novice – this is for skaters with a little more experience, but who have not yet placed at Nationals. These skaters have the following divisions:

Juvenile Boys and Girls (8 + 9 yrs)

Elementary Boys and Girls (10 + 11 yrs)

Freshman Boys and Girls (12 + 13 yrs)

Sophomore Men and Ladies (14 + 15 yrs)

Junior Men and Ladies (16 + 17 yrs)

Senior Men and Ladies (18 + older)

Classic Men and Ladies (25 + older)

Masters Men and Ladies (35 + older)

Veteran Men and Ladies (45 + older)

Standard (Elite) Divisions

Similar to the Novice in age ranges, but adds on “Grands” for older skaters – Grand Classic, Grand Master, Grand Veteran – these ranges will race together in this meet (ie, Classic + Grand Classic race together).


Often, Sonny will enter your skater in more than one division. We will help you know where you are registered when you check in so you are sure your child won’t miss a race! Sometimes they are called one name in one division but a different name in a different division – ie, and 11 year old might be entered as a “Novice B Freshman Boy” but also as a “Novice Elementary Boy”.



All skaters will have 3 races – a short, middle, and a long. Generally, the younger kids (9 and under) run around 2 laps, 3 laps, and 5 laps (give or take), the next group (10-13 yrs) runs around 3 laps, 5 laps, 7 laps, and then the older groups run 5 laps, 7, laps, 10 laps OR 5 laps, 10 laps, 15 laps.


Programs will be on sale when you check in (usually tee shirts too!) – It helps a TON if you bring exact change!!! They are $5. As SOON as you get your program, you should write your name on the top and then plan to go through and highlight ALL of your child’s races/divisions so you can be ready and have your skaters ready!

Uniforms! Glasses! Jewelry! Helmets!

IF your skater does not have a Texas Speed uniform, we have a limited number of uniforms we can loan out. Please email me directly (wendy@texasspeedclub.com) if you would like to borrow a loaner. IF you aren’t able to borrow a loaner, please be sure your skater is in shorts and a tee that is tucked in.

Glasses may NOT be worn when skating UNLESS they have a secure band to hold them on.

Jewelry may NOT be worn when skating. If you have a piercing you do not want to remove, you must cover it with athletic tape.

HELMETS ARE REQUIRED and they MUST FIT! Your child will not be allowed to skate with a poorly fitting helmet! It’s a safety risk and for their own good!

Most important? HAVE FUN!!!! Find a friendly face to ask questions at the meet if you are confused. We are one big family and we all help each other out!

Send questions my way!!!



Hey Parents and Skaters:

There is a rare private party on Sunday 4/9 at 10 AM.

We will have a COMBINED Quad-Inline practice from 8-10 AM on Sunday.

Hope to see you there!