Nationals Entry Fees DUE NOW!

HUGE HUGE HUGE Congratulations to ALL of our skaters who represented so well at South Central Regionals last weekend! For the 13th year in a row, the Texas Speed Club won the High Point Award!

If you earned a spot to compete at Nationals, it is *very important* that you let Sonny know ASAP if you are planning to GO to Nationals. There is a LOT of work that goes in to finding subs for relay teams.

Sonny needs to turn in our Nationals entry to USARS in just a short time, so PLEASE let him know if you are going and bring your checkbook to pay him! Thanks!

TIME SENSITIVE INFO!!!! Regionals Entries – ASAP

Hey Team!

Are you pumped up after last weekend’s awesome competition? (Now that you have caught up on your sleep??) It’s time to do it again SOON!

2017 South Central Regional Championships are coming soon!

PLEASE TELL YOUR COACH ASAP IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND REGIONALS THIS YEAR. Meet entries are due APRIL 30 and it is *critical* that we know WHO is attending so that we can form relays and pay our entry. YOU MUST LET YOUR COACH KNOW BY SUNDAY APRIL 30th IF YOU ARE SKATING REGIONALS.

Please be respectful of your coaches and teammates and let us know if you can skate – it’s very disappointing to work hard to set up relays and then have 1 person not show up to race. 

Here are the details:

Tentative Schedule (Memorial Day Weekend):
Friday May 26
7 PM – 9 PM Speed Pre Registration Social Hour
Saturday May 27
7 AM – 9 AM Speed Practice and Registration
10 AM -5 PM Speed Division Races
7 PM – 10 PM SOCIAL SKATE AND AWARDS CEREMONY *Tickets go on sale April 3rd LIMITED QTY*
Sunday May 28
7 AM – 12 PM Speed Relays

COST: $45 for your first event, $25 for each additional event

Host Hotel: Comfort Suites
810 I 35 North, Waco TX 76705
King Room $99.00 per night*
Double Queen Room $104.00 per night*
*Must call in and mention South Central Roller Skating
*Cut off for rate is May 5th due to Graduation Weekend. BOOK NOW!!!


We have a VERY short time to place a uniform order if we want them in time for Regionals. YOU MUST CONTACT WENDY ASAP TO PLACE YOUR UNIFORM ORDER.

At Regionals and Nationals, your must skate in our team uniform and your uniform MUST match your relay partners’ uniforms. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD.

ANY QUESTIONS? Send them our way!

The Texas Stampede – A HUGE SUCCESS!!! Thanks to ALL!

We have so many people to thank for our amazing meet, I’m just going to list them all out here…(And I hope I didn’t miss anyone – I was a little pigeon-holed in the middle all weekend!)

1. Joe Cotter and Team United – Joe works so hard for the Texas Speed Club to make all of the trophies and make that long drive with all of his skaters and get by on not enough sleep, like the rest of us. We couldn’t do it without him and we should all tell him THANK YOU!

2. Debra Smotrilla and the officials – Deb made so many things happen this past weekend – she opened the doors and got us ready for Thursday practice. She was there at 4 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to let us in and put up walls. She was always one of the first to arrive and the last ones to leave each day. Then she was Head Ref for the entire meet AND competed as well! Deb is non-stop – THANK YOU!

She had help from a great team of refs: Brian Krupa, Al Tinsley, Brandie Aldrich, Darryl Hunter, and Jim Bourgeois – and an extra special appearance by Jason Metcalf! Melanie Holt was our Competitive Steward (did you know it has such a fancy name?!) and Nick Salome, Wendy Salome, and John Burke rocked the tabulating table in the middle!

3. Kami and Kasey Felter – We just couldn’t have a meet without Kami working the entry for us, staying on top of all of the cleaning, and keeping us on track with Playland so that we leave the rink better than when we found it! And Kasey was there the WHOLE TIME – I last saw BOTH ladies scrubbing toilets during the award ceremony. That’s serious dedication and we THANK YOU BOTH!!! (And we thank Peggy Felter for sharing you all with us!)

4. Beth Peterson – Y’all may not know Beth as well, but she and her kids skated for Sonny for a long time. Beth earns her yearly double-dose of GOOD KARMA by volunteering to run our snack bar. This year she really outdid herself – ALSO arriving at 4 am all 3 days to get those tacos and donuts ready for us!

Beth had nearly around-the-clock help in the snack bar from Rebecca Foster – THANK YOU, MRS. FOSTER for all of your hard work!!!

With all of the hard work and contributions from our team, we were able to raise over $1,000 in the snack bar!!!

5. ALL of the wonderful volunteers who showed up early, stayed late, ran errands, helped out – there are too many to name, but we are very lucky to have so many people who are willing to show up at 4 am AND to stay after such a LONG DAY and help!

And a special shout out to the VIP volunteer who didn’t even know she had signed up for a job! Thank you to Claire (Violet and Lily’s mom) for her impromptu EMT skills! She was an AMAZING help for our own skater, Danny Lewis, and also for several other falls over the weekend!

6. Our coaches! Thanks to the coaches who help at every practice AND the coaches who were able to help Sonny out on the sidelines, especially Mr. Bond and John Burke.

Last, but not least, SONNY FELTER – and YOU!

You may be mad at me for not putting Sonny’s name first, but what you don’t know is that Sonny is probably mad at me for putting it down AT ALL! Sonny is a firm believer in “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM'” and he will not accept thanks or praise for all of his hard work because he truly believes it is ALL OF US who make the Texas Speed Club great!

So take a chance to thank Sonny soon, but don’t be surprised if he just thanks you right back 🙂 He’s been known to be stubborn….


Playland contacted me this week to let me know that the parent of a skater from another team called the rink. Their child had fallen in a race and a skater from the Texas Speed Club went to get their child ice. This parent was floored by what amazing sportsmanship this represented – to take time to help your competitor. Now, if you’ve skated with us for very long, you know that this is what sets us apart. This story could’ve been about any one of our skaters, because we are such great sports. Whoever this was – THANK YOU.

I have 1 Division Trophy and MANY relay plaques that were left at the rink. If you are missing one, please let me know!