What is skating worth to YOU?

What does it mean to you to be able to skate? What does it mean to you for your child to be able to skate? Please take the time to think about that as we settle in to the final weeks of our 2017 skating season and prepare to head off to Nationals to defend our titles!

We are beyond lucky to have a TWO TIME winner of the USA Rollersports Developmental Coach of the Year, Sonny Felter!!! Sonny has coached for over 40 years. In case you did not know it, Sonny coaches for one reason, and one reason only. He loves skating! He loves bringing in brand new beginners and coaching them and encouraging them! Because of Sonny, we have THE LARGEST CLUB in the United States – and it’s the best club! We are a family and time and again skaters from other regions comment on how supportive, welcoming, and encouraging we are as a club.

Sonny is adamant that we do not charge any dues or fees. He wants to keep skating affordable for our families. The only money we pay is the fee that goes to the rink – 100% – to cover our time there. If you or your child has ever done another sport, you know how rare this is. And if you don’t know, then you should realize that most sports pay registration fees, coach’s fees, dues….it adds up fast. Sonny won’t accept a penny for the hours and hours he dedicates to all of us. (PS – this includes an average of 15+ hours a week setting up for and coaching practices plus the time he spends scrubbing the floor for us, ordering skates, submitting our meet entries…)

When we go to Nationals, Sonny travels from the first Friday through to the next Sunday. He is paying for a hotel for at least 9 nights. He drives his big SUV so he can bring extra kids who would not be able to go to Nationals otherwise. He eats every meal out for 10 days. He arrives at the rink around 6 AM EVERY MORNING and he refuses to leave until the last event of the day. He is on his feet for 15 hours a day or more, each day of Nationals. He does all of this out of his own pocket, and he wouldn’t have it any other way!

PLEASE TAKE TIME TO THINK ABOUT ALL THAT SONNY HAS DONE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Then, PLEASE pitch in to our collection for him. We collect money between now and Nationals so that we can give him a HUGE thank you in the middle of the week there! Please donate at the level that feels comfortable for your family – but also, please do think about how much he does for us ALL YEAR LONG – whether you go to Nationals or not, Sonny is THERE for you to be sure you can skate. Let him know you TRULY appreciate him! 

Wendy and Deb will have a BIG card for Sonny and an envelope. Feel free to pitch in cash, a check (please make it out to Wendy Salome), OR you can send money via PayPal to Wendy at wensalome@gmail.com. We’ll be reminding everyone for the next 3 weeks or so! 

And if you already donated – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

(PS – Shhhhh – it’s a secret – Sonny shouldn’t be on his computer this weekend, so he won’t see this message or he would kick my booty…..)



Hey Texas Speed!

Let’s send a HUGE SHOUT OUT to our very own Nina Tinsley! Nina battled hard and won a spot on the 2017 USA Rollersports Junior World Team!! We couldn’t be more proud!

And a big shout out to ALL of our Texas Speed Club skaters who raced their hearts out at Outdoor Nationals! The Texas Speed Club also sent several officials to help keep things on track, including our favorite lap counter, Trey Tinsley!


URGENT! Nationals Entries are DUE NOW!

Hey Skaters and Parents!

The Nationals Entry has been submitted and paid for. It is IMPERATIVE that you reimburse the club for your Nationals Entry Fee ASAP – absolutely NO LATER than Wednesday 6/21! Our beloved coach Sonny has taken care of this for our team and we absolutely need to cover these fees immediately.

You can pay Sonny directly with cash or check OR you can PayPal your fee to Wendy using the email address wensalome@gmail.com. Contact Wendy or Sonny if you are unsure of how much you owe.

Let’s do this!