Hey Texas Speed!

Let’s send a HUGE SHOUT OUT to our very own Nina Tinsley! Nina battled hard and won a spot on the 2017 USA Rollersports Junior World Team!! We couldn’t be more proud!

And a big shout out to ALL of our Texas Speed Club skaters who raced their hearts out at Outdoor Nationals! The Texas Speed Club also sent several officials to help keep things on track, including our favorite lap counter, Trey Tinsley!


URGENT! Nationals Entries are DUE NOW!

Hey Skaters and Parents!

The Nationals Entry has been submitted and paid for. It is IMPERATIVE that you reimburse the club for your Nationals Entry Fee ASAP – absolutely NO LATER than Wednesday 6/21! Our beloved coach Sonny has taken care of this for our team and we absolutely need to cover these fees immediately.

You can pay Sonny directly with cash or check OR you can PayPal your fee to Wendy using the email address Contact Wendy or Sonny if you are unsure of how much you owe.

Let’s do this!

Nationals Entry Fees DUE NOW!

HUGE HUGE HUGE Congratulations to ALL of our skaters who represented so well at South Central Regionals last weekend! For the 13th year in a row, the Texas Speed Club won the High Point Award!

If you earned a spot to compete at Nationals, it is *very important* that you let Sonny know ASAP if you are planning to GO to Nationals. There is a LOT of work that goes in to finding subs for relay teams.

Sonny needs to turn in our Nationals entry to USARS in just a short time, so PLEASE let him know if you are going and bring your checkbook to pay him! Thanks!