Angel Tree

We discussed at our team meeting about helping others less fortunate than us. I picked 2 angels from the  Salvation Army Angel Tree at the end of last week. We have

Girl   Evelyn age 7 
Pants 8/9 girls
shoes 13/1
Shirt 8/9 girls
Wants backpack
Doll w/baby stroller
Needs clothes

Boy Kevin age 6
Pants 7
Shoes 12 1/2
Shirt 5
Wants soccer ball   wrestling action figures   jigsaw puzzles  books
Needs clothes  shoes

If you want to get one of the above items, just email or call me so we do not duplicate gifts or if you just want to give money I will do the shopping. Please give the items or money to Al or Julia Tinsley at practice. I have to have all the items by Dec 8th so I can get them back to the mall by the due date.  Any questions, please call me 512 658-7698.

Information to follow next week for the food bank.


No Practice Saturday or Sunday (11/21-11/22)

Practice has been cancelled for the weekend of Nov. 21st and 22nd due to the scheduling of a private party.  There are a contingent of skaters that are going to go to the Veloway on Saturday and skate like we did last weekend.  Meet at 9 at the Veloway, if you are interested.  There will be the regularly scheduled practice on Friday night (11/20) and then back again on Monday (11/23).