Important schedule change

The schedule that was posted under the events was wrong regarding the meet that we will have in Austin in April.  The correction has been made.  The date for the meet is the 24th, not the 18th. It will be the same weekend as the Road Rash, a weekend of skating!

Saturday Inline practice is cancelled this weekend.  Sunday (1/17) we will have Quad Speed from 10:30-12 and Inline from 12-2.  Hope to see everyone out.

– Nick

Mouthguard Impressions next Saturday!

I am going to have a day of making mouthguards for many of my favorite Derby skaters and I wanted to put out an invite to all the friends of Texas Speed Club who may want a custom professional mouthguard.  We are going to be taking impressions next Saturday (1/23/10)  at my orthodontic office and will have the guards made by Monday.  The guards will be $25.  If you are interested, please email Wendy at  She will give you details, directions, and a time.

Did I mention that they make you skate faster?*



*Actual results may vary

Springdale Mini Meet

This from Paul Sherwin in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

The Tulsa Speed Brigade skated well this past Sunday. The rink conditions were good. The floor coat was not new but in decent condition. Well refereed and kept things going pretty good.

Bill placed in both inlines and quads. He also picked up 1st in the four person, Bill and I teamed up with 2 skaters from Springfield. 4 person age group 14 and up.
Daren skated well. The competition was tough in both inlines and quads in the 40-49 age group. Largest age group in the meet.

I placed 2nd in inlines. Won the 5 lap. 2nd in the 10 lap. The master open age group, 25-49, I squeaked out a 6th. Brian K and I teamed in the senior open, 14 and up. We were out front and Brian tripped we finished 3rd.

All in all we all skated well.

Hope to entice a few more skaters to attend the meet in Ft Smith on Feb 7 at Crystal Palace. The floor was coated a few weeks ago so the condition should be great. This series of meets are not sanctioned and a great way to begin racing experience in either inlines or quads. Uniforms are not required.