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Mouthguard Impressions next Saturday!

I am going to have a day of making mouthguards for many of my favorite Derby skaters and I wanted to put out an invite to all the friends of Texas Speed Club who may want a custom professional mouthguard.  We are going to be taking impressions next Saturday (1/23/10)  at my orthodontic office and… Read more »

Schedule Changes for 12/28 – 1/3

The Holidays are here, but that doesn’t mean we get a Holiday from skating.  If anything, we should be busting out the new gear that we all asked for and start working off that extra helping of Holiday fare that we all indulged in.  Here are the changes to the schedule for this week. No… Read more »

Schedule changes for this week 12/7

There are several changes to this weeks practice and the rest of the month.   The changes for this week are: 1.  the Wednesday practice will be early because of scheduled party.  Practice on Wednesday will be 5:30-7.  If you can’t make it by 5, just get there as soon as you can. 2.  There… Read more »