Back to Work!!!

After a spectacular week in Ft. Wayne, and an even more spectacular week resting back in Austin, Texas Speed Club is ready to get back in the saddle and start preparing for NIRA Nationals. (NIRA Nationals will be held in Houston at Champions Roller World the weekend of Sept 3-5:

Practice starts back up Monday, August 1. It will be held from 5:30-8 PM. We’re on our regular schedule:

Monday 5:30-8 Inlines
Tuesday 5:30-7 Quads
Wednesday 5:30-8 Inlines
Friday 5:30-7 Beginners/Quads/Inlines
Saturday 8:30-10 – Inlines
Sunday 8:30-10 Quads, 10-11:30 Inlines

Mid-month, when school is back in session, we will revert to the 6-8 practice times.

And just in case you can’t wait until Monday, please join the Hill Country Inline Club TOMORROW, 7/30, at 9 AM for a DIY self-timed marathon and half marathon at the Veloway!

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Is there anyone that is participating on Tuesdays @ Rollerland West. My daughter would like to join the Speed Club in Fort worth

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