Question about Lincoln??????

I have a question that I thought might apply to other skaters in regards to Nationals.  So I thought I would just post it and let some of you who have been to Nationals in Lincoln reply on the comments section below.   The Novice divisions do not skate until the end of the week, but I am sure that a lot of us would like to go and cheer on the Standards.

My question is, what opportunity is there for Novice Division skaters to skate and/or where can we go?

I don’t want to sit for 3-5 days without getting on my skates for just a little.  Can skaters in the novice divisions get on the floor for a warm-up a couple of times/day or should I start looking for an outdoor location to get in 30-60min of skating/day during the first part of the week?  Does anyone know of a location in Lincoln that could serve for some circle drills outdoors or an indoor rink?


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Based on the new rules that took into effect this year anyone warming up on the floor “outside” of their standard warm up can be DQ’d. I would suggest that if you don’t want to sit around for a few days then just go up there a day or two before you are scheduled to warm-up which I think if Friday if you are just gonna do Novice unless you have some relays you are going to do which would be a great time to get a feel for the floor under racing speeds. I know it sucks to just watch for a few days and do just nothing but that is the time to watch and take notes.

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