Mid America Speed Skating League Meet Recap and Results

Again Texas Speed club showed it’s colors with an outstanding showing and performance at the meet this weekend in Witchita.  Texas Speed had an outstanding performance at the meet with 24 members representing the team. We came from all around sharing the drive in caravans, hotel rooms, and a couple of meals during the short trip. All the  skaters did great; young and old, beginner and veteran!  Our hats go  off to the meet director, Joe Cotter; the host site, Roller City; and all the people who made the meet a success!!

Overall,  A special mention of welcome goes out to all of our new skaters.  Having been in your shoes (boots) rather recently, I know how nerve-wracking a first meet can be.  It was awesome to see some new faces representing the team!  A special mention goes to Gabriel Rochelle who not only skated his heart out, but took a fall and chipped a tooth.  We hope that he can get that fixed up and is back rolling soon.

Here are the skaters who placed in their divisions.  They are listed by location and then roughly by age.  In typing this all in, I realize how truly great our team did.  I hope I didn’t  miss  anyone:

 Tulsa Skaters
Cordell Rodriguez:
    Novice Elem Boys
      1st overall; 1st 500m, 1st 200m
    Nov B freshman 10-11
      3rd overall; 2nd 300m
Nick Frascini
    Nov B Sen Men
        5th overall; 4th 700m, 5th 300m
    Novice Junior Men
        3rd overall; 3rd 500m, 3rd 1000m
Darren Foust
    Grand Masters Men
        2nd overall; 2nd 500m, 2nd 1000m
Paul Sherwin
    Veterans Men
        2nd overall; 3rd 500m, 1st 1000m
    Open Master
        2nd Place finish
Fort Worth Skaters
Lacie Cassady:
    Nov B Juv Girls
     1st overall; 1st 500m, 1st 200m
    Juvenile Girls
        1st overall; 1st 200m, 1st 500m
Nicole rodriguez:
    Nov B Juv Girls
        2nd overall; 2nd 500m, 2nd 200m
    Primary Girls
        1st overall; 1st 200m, 1st 400m
John Cassady
    Verterans Men
        1st overall; 1st 1000m, 2nd 500m
   Open Masters Men
        3rd place finish

Mike Pickle (refereed Meet)
    Grand Veteran Men
        1st overall; 1st 500m, 1st 1000m
Austin skaters:
Trey Tinsley
    Primary Boys
        1st overall; 1st 200m, 1st 400m
    Juvenile Boys (racing up a division)
        2nd overall; 2nd 200m, 2nd 500m
David Bane:
    Nov B Juv Boys
       1st overall; 1st 500m, 2nd 200m
    Juvenile Boys
        4th overall; 4th 200m, 4th 500m
Trent Weems:
    Novice Elem Boys
      2nd overall; 2nd 500m, 3rd 300m
    Nov B Freshman 10-11
      4th overall; 3rd 500m
Ishia Flaherty
    Novice Elem Boys
      3rd overall; 2nd 300m, 3rd 500m
    Nov B Freshman 10-11
      2nd overall; 2nd 500m, 3rd 300m
Nina Tinsley
    Novice Elem girls
       1st overall; 1st 500m, 1st 300m
    Elementary girls
        1st overall; 1st 300m, 1st 700m
    Open Freshman Girls
        3rd place finish
Travis Jarman
    Freshman Boys
        3rd overall; 3rd 300m, 3rd 1000m
Zack Threet
    Novice Freshman Boys
      1st overall; 1st 700m, 1st 300m
    Nov B Fresman Boys
       1st overall; 1st 500m, 1st 300m
    Open Freshman Boys
        3rd place finish
Bandon Surrett
    Novice Freshman Boys
      4th overall; 4th 700m
    Nov B Freshman Boys
      4th overall; 4th 300m
Sterling Reylonds
     Novice Sophomore Men
        2nd overall; 2nd 1000m, 2nd 500m
    Sophomore Men
        2nd overall; 2nd 1500m, 2nd 500m
Anthony Landau
    Nov B Sen Men
        3rd overall; 2nd 300m, 5th 700m
    Novice Sen Men
        5th overall; 3rd 500m, 4th 1000m
Joey Cobb
    Nov B sen men
        5th overall; 5th 300m
    Novice Sen Men
        4th overall; 4th 500m, 3rd 1000m
Nick Salome
    Grand Masters Men
        1st overall; 1st 500m 1st 1000m
Al Tinsley (Refereed Meet)
    Veterans Men
        4th overall; 4th 500m, 3rd 1000m
Debra Smotrilla (Refereed Meet)
    Grand Veterans Ladies
        1st overall; 1st 500m, 1st 1000m
(I didn’t get all of the relay results, but here is what I had. )
Trey and Nicole
    1st Primary 2-mixed
Travis and Nina
    1st Elementary 2-mixed
Cornell and Lacey
    2nd Elementary 2-mixed
Lacey and Nina
    1st Elementary girls
Travis and Trent
    1st Elementary boys
Ishia and Cornell
    2nd Elementary boys
Zach and Sterling
    2nd Sophomore boys
Al and Nick
    2nd Masters 2 man
Paul and Darren
    3rd Masters 2 man
Deb and Nick
    1st masters 2 mixed
John and Mike
    1st veterans 2 man