IMPORTANT! Mandatory Team Meeting! Uniform Order!

Skaters and Families!

The Texas Speed Club will have a mandatory Team Meeting on Saturday, February 4th from 8:00-9:30 am. This meeting is very important and we urge you to be there so you do not miss out on important information:

Updates from Playland

Review of the 16-17 Competitive Season

  • UNIFORM ORDERS! (We will have the sizing kit to help you place your order)

MANDATORY! ASAP! Activate your 2017 USARS Membership!

Hey Skaters and Parents!

It is *critical* that skaters purchase or renew their USARS (USA Rollersports) membership cards ASAP. These cards are required to compete and we want to have them all up to date for the home office in Lincoln ASAP so that we are in compliance.

You can find Sonny for a hard copy of the form OR you can register online. Find all of the instructions here:

If you are renewing, you need to find your current USARS #. Scroll down and CAREFULLY read ALL INSTRUCTIONS (it’s a bit complicated, but if you do *exactly* what they list, you will find your number!):

Please read all of the instructions on all of the pages, or you might have trouble activating your membership.




Ho, Ho, Ho…Thank you AND Holiday Break!

Dear Texas Speed Club skaters and families!

Thank you SO MUCH for pitching in – we were able to give a very big Thank You/Holiday gift to Sonny and ALL of the coaches! A little elf delivered them on Wednesday night….

Please remember that there is NO INLINE PRACTICE all this week. Even though Sonny said he was willing to┬ábe there on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (He actually said “You gotta want it!”) – we convinced him to stay home and enjoy his family and maybe sleep in for a change! You should do the same!

There WILL be Quad Speed on Tuesday 12/27! For everyone else, hit the rink and goof around – there’s session every day while school is out.