Being thankful….and Team Meeting!

At Texas Speed Club, we have THE BEST COACHES who take great care of YOU and your kids!!! If you are feeling extra thankful for all that the coaches do for you this holiday season, please check in with Wendy (wensalome@gmail,com) and she will give you an outlet for all of that gratitude!

Please stay tuned to our website and Facebook pages for a Team Meeting in early January! We’ll cover important topics and get everyone on track and ready for the new season PLUS prepare to place another uniform order!




Battle at Bear Creek – COMING SOON!

Texas’ only BIG outdoor skating meet is right around the corner!!! Head on down to Houston and test your outdoor skills!!!

Event is SUNDAY October 30!

The event offers distances for every age and both quad and inline of all abilities so it is all-inclusive.

Follow this link to register:

QUADS and INLINES will be racing!

IMPORTANT Schedule Updates!

Please read to stay up to date on the latest practice and competition updates:

  1. 1. Special THURSDAY practice this week 10/6 from 6:00-8:00 pm
  2. 2. The meet for October 16 is CANCELLED – that day will be a regular practice day for Inlines (8:00-9:30) and Quads (9:30-11:00).
  3. 3. The NEW DATE for the meet is SUNDAY NOVEMBER 6!
  4. 4. The Battle of Bear Creek (outdoor competition in Houston) will be Sunday October 30.
  5. 5. The Texas Round Up will be held Thanksgiving Weekend!

PLEASE mark your calendars and prepare to come skate in our first indoor meet of the new season!

Also – Wendy has a new uniform sizing kit and will be placing a new uniform order in the next few weeks – please contact her directly ( if you want to order a new uniform! There will be another order placed in the spring.