We’re going to postpone putting down plastic for a few weeks – thanks to all who were willing to come out so late! Hopefully our next time slot will be earlier 🙂


Mmmmmmm!!! NEW PLASTIC!! (OMG Help please!)

Yeah!!! It’s time for FRESH PLASTIC! I can almost smell it now!

The bad news? The *only* time we can do it is TUESDAY JAN 23rd *after* Adult Night (starting at 11pm). So drink your coffee, take your naps, and PLEASE COME HELP! We need you!!!

Tis the season!

Congrats to all of the Texas Speed Club skaters who traveled and competed in the Texas Round Up this past weekend! Thanks for supporting the team!

There is a holiday card for our SUPER AWESOME, 100% VOLUNTEER coach, Sonny Felter – please connect with Deb at practice to sign the card!